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By exposing Loopholes in the System, naming and shaming the corrupt both in the private and public sector, championing good governance and keeping an eye on the glaring security concerns, Africa Uncensored will strive to produce programmes that make an impact across the African continent. We stand for the truth and we need your help to file investigative, in-depth documentaries and document the myriad of issues our communities face on daily basis. You can channel your monetary contributions to the M-Pesa number and Paypal link in the sidebar.


Africa Uncensored will ONLY accept money from individuals, companies, and organisations that are law-abiding. Africa Uncensored aims to be catalyst for change, change for the better and change that we can all be proud of. Your donation will also allow us to mentor and provide tools to young journalists who want to pursue investigative journalism. By helping Africa Uncensored, you will catapult important issues to the top of the African agenda and plant the seeds of accountability across this continent.