Sometimes, the most difficult thing to do, is to look into a mirror. Yet for almost all of the 55 years that Kenya has been independent, we have yet to collectively search our conscience and ask ourselves why it is that every five years, Kenyans have died during the country’s heated political season. The 2017 electoral period may have ended, but the bitter undertones of tribalism still swim beneath the skin of millions, in a country that is, let’s face it, deeply divided. Why?

And more importantly, how much more division along tribal lines can this country take? We cannot afford to hide from the truth that this time around, we are far closer to the edge than we have been, and the force that will pull us over the cliff into a dangerous and uncertain future, is the hardened belief that our refuge is in our tribes. But Is tribalism really the problem, or is it something we have been led to believe is our curse and our cure by the people who truly benefit from its use?

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