Call For Applications: Fellowship Program For Journalists and Communicators

African Uncensored and Youth for SDGs Kenya with support from Hivos under the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) program is implementing a project dubbed: ’Promoting Climate Voices Through Enhanced Media and Communications’ Engagements,’ with the following objectives:

  1. To elevate climate change aspects, communities’ needs, and experiences in tackling climate change
  2. To enhance the knowledge and strengthen the capacity of young journalists and communication experts in climate change communication using a fellowship approach
  3. To facilitate authentic dialogue between Kenya’s media, communication, and climate stakeholders to enable effective climate communication

The project underscores the important role that journalists and media play in informing and communicating to communities through their channels. Part of the project approach is to undertake training and fellowship of journalists, to deepen climate change storytelling in Kenya.

Scope Of The Fellowship Program

The consortium is inviting journalists and communication experts and enthusiasts, particularly creatives, to express interest in the fellowship program. The fellowship intends to enhance the capacity of journalists in mainstream and social media and communications creatives, to effectively communicate climate change and leverage the space of influence they hold to advance public awareness and debate on climate change. This program will provide space for training, coaching and learning by doing to ascertain the development and transfer of necessary skills and knowledge in climate change communication.

The journalists that stand a chance to be considered are those that have an interest in capturing challenges that citizens are facing due to climate change, actions that communities are taking to deal with climate change impacts and changes that need to happen in our governance to strengthen climate change solutions within various spheres such as adaptation and resilience-building to climate change impacts. The journalists with experience in advancing stories that focus on the intersection of climate change, communication, social, environmental & climate justice within the context of development with attention to women, youth, the marginalized and minority communities are highly encouraged.

Journalists whether freelance, correspondents or staff working in print, broadcast or online are open to applying. The journalists and communication experts can be drawn from across the country. 

Applicants should fill in this form and submit it no later than Friday 22nd April 2022.


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