“As of July 2018, more money has been spent on Gaming—in all its forms and formats—than any other kind of entertainment on the planet. It’s a massive industry worth almost 3 times as much as the movie industry,” notes the Liftoff 2018 Mobile Gaming Apps Report. In Kenya, the gaming industry was estimated to be worth a whopping Kshs 4.4 billion just 5 years ago. The figure is projected to triple by the year 2020. If anything, all the signs and indicators are there that there is money in e-gaming industry with e-sports taking off in Kenya as a result of highly enthusiastic young people. However, it is worth noting that these young people, who are at a fragile stage in their lives, won’t be able to go far and accomplish more without support from the society, their parents, guardians, family, etc. Are the older generations listening?

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