Avani Shah and Stuart Herd, while living on opposite sides of the city of Nairobi, Kenya, share the same predicament. The land they own is either the subject of ongoing judicial proceedings after having been invaded by intruders keen to dispossess them illegally or just from undergoing a similar ordeal.

In the first episode of Title Deals, Africa Uncensored’s Joy Kirigia delves into the ins and outs of unscrupulous dealings in the very public offices tasked with being custodians of land belonging to Kenyans, allocating it fairly and ensuring it is correctly documented, a rot that has seen many other Kenyans, not just Shah and Herd alone, lose not just land but life savings and lifelong memories as well. Their entire livelihoods.

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  • It is unfortunate that the email address given in your covered episodes as pigafirimbi@africaunsensored.net is fake. I tried to communicate by sending information but it was rejected for address not existing. I wanted to highlight that land grabbing started long ago in the early 1970s.
    I have written a manuscript critically analysing letters that were written from the grassroot land offices regarding my father’s grabbed land at Lesirko Scheme in Nyandarua County and squeezed in his Nairobi file. The letters show a trail of heinous crimes committed by those who were entrusted to do land transactions. The Land Commissioner’s office became rotten in the 1970.